앵글/각도 센서 [Angle Sensor]

| 동양전기공업의 제품을 소개합니다.


CP-16U - 앵글센서

상품코드 : 053000130

* MIDORI 저 출력 비 접촉식 앵글센서 입니다.
* 각도 측정 범위 : 0~90º, (옵션: 0~120º)
* 낮은 전류 소비량 : <0.6 mA max
* Low Torque

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제품 상세 정보 (Product Features)

・MR-element Contactless Angle Sensor
・Independent Linearity: ±1.5%FS

●Housing: Aluminum
●Shaft: Stainless Steel
●Ball Bearing: Stainless Steel

*사용시 주의사항

・Do not use this sensor as a variable resistor.

・This product may be influenced from external magnetic field.

・Use this sensor in the place where is protected from ESD.

・To avoid burnout of resistive element, do not supply more than 1mA current to terminal 2.

・Miswiring might cause burnout of resistive element.

・To reduce sliding noise, add load resistance should be more than 100times and less than 1000times of total resistance.

・Slight continuous vibration such as dither might cause short lifetime of the sensor.
150m/s2 2000Hz 3 axis 2 hours each
500m/s2 11ms 6 directions 3 times

※ 유의사항

상기 제품에 첨부된 데이터시트는 참고용입니다.
자세한 데이터시트를 원하실 때에는 당사에 문의 바랍니다.

Mechanical Spec

MassApprox. 10g
Radial Load Tolerance5N
Thrust Load Tolerance1N
Total Mechanical Travel360°Endless

Environmental Spec

EMS25V/m,1MHz~1GHz (ISO11452-2,-3
Temperature Compensate Range-40~100℃
Category Temperature Range-30~100℃

Electrical Spec

Current Consumption0.6mA max.
Input VoltageDC3~5.5V
Independent Linearity±1.5%FS
Output Sensitivity3.5~6.5%Vin/10°
Effective Electrical Travel90°




Output Characteristics
Applications - Tension Control - Valve Positioner - Flowmeter - Paper Thickness Sensor